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Tuesday, April 17

Decorative pillows and other small changes!

It has been a pretty dreary rainy week here in Atlanta and the upstairs living room has been looking really blah as well.   Although I stenciled the built in's, the space still needed more color, maybe a big area rug (Sisal or Jute)? and an ottoman?

So this week Mr. Show Off and I went out to find an ottoman for the void of space in the center of the room.  I really wanted something cream and round (to break up the squareness of the sectional).  However,  we ended up finding a large square ottoman at the outlet store of the furniture store where we brought our sectional.  Although it was not the cream or round I wanted I figured at a price of $99 (it is $299 in the store when we brought our sectional) I would work with it.  The reason it was marked down $200?  One of the wooden feet is chipped and loose - we already fixed the loose leg with a $2 extra long screw and the chip will get spray painted -- love the deal we got on that!!

Here it is before the pillows & ottoman

Here is the space now after adding the ottoman and a few pillows that I picked up from Home Goods.  

And yes, this is a sectional, however, I decided (for the time being) that I like the sectional pulled apart for more of a couch and love seat/chaise feel.  I will probably push it back together at some point but for now I am liking it like this...

Ignore the kitchen in the background, I pulled down the curtains to wash and forgot to move them for the picture

So still on the to do list is finding a rug - I am pretty set on a something casual, Sisal or Jute.  Any suggestions or recs on where to find one, please let me know...
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