Friday, March 2

Ballard Design's Sacha Mirror {found @ Home Goods!!}

You ever find something for your house that you werent looking for but fell in love with and had to have it?  That is what happened to me on a recent shopping trip to Home Goods.  I was there looking pictures to hang in the laundry room and came across this work of art...

This pic, doesn't do it any justice.  It is beautiful in real life!  Its pretty heavy - made of metal that is a bronzy, coppery color with 100 mini circular mirrors going across.  I was immediatley drawn to it and went right over to inspect was perfect, except that it was missing 1 small circular mirror in the corner.  After thinking about it for a few minutes I figured I probably shouldnt get it, the space where the missing mirror is would definitley show against the gray wall.  So I proceeded to look for my laundry room artwork.

Then it dawned on me....I could put a mirror from one of my MAC makeup compacts in there!  DUH, the mirrors are exactly the same size.  So I went back and grabbed the gigantic mirror and happily proceeded to check out where I asked the cashier for something off due to the missing mirror....and after talking to her manager, they gave me another 15% off.  YES!  I love a deal.

I loved my deal even more when I found out that the mirror I just paid $120 minus 15% is THE Sacha mirror that Ballard Design carries for $369! 

On Ballards's site its pictured with 4 Sacha mirrors to make one big mirror, but its sold as one piece that measures 39 1/2" squared @ Ballard for $369 for 1 mirror!  Thats a bit much for my budget so to just come upon this mirror in Home Goods makes me love it even more :) I have no idea how it ended up at Home Goods except maybe for the one little missing mirror that I replaced.  Its not off season or a clearance item at Ballard or anything else - in fact, Ballard is still selling the mirror at full price and it was also featured in their latest fall catalog.  Whatever the reason, it's fine with me :)

I love how it pics up the reflection from the wall of windows that is opposite this wall in the living room and I love how unique it is.

Here is another angle:

I'm thinking about adding either a bench seat underneath or a very narrow sofa table, not sure.  I kind of like it the way it is for now but you never know what I may come across on my next shopping trip.

More updates on how I styled around the mirror can be found here

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