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Thursday, January 12

Entryway update!

I went out today at lunch to try and find decorative shelf paper to line the back of our built - in's in the family room and ended up coming home with something totally different...and for a whole different space...the entryway.

I ended up at the home decor store Home Decorator's Collections and found a piece of art that I had to have! It was the perfect length, style, price - everything about it worked.

Here is what this wall has looked like over the past couple months:

Plain - This is how it looked a few days after moving in...nothing hung yet

I love B&W pics (we have a lot of B&W art in the house but this look wasn't really doing it for me

And this is what I found today - I am partial to Subway art....I did my own DIY version last month...and being from Connecticut, I am partial to NYC so this piece was perfect in more than one way.   

Here it is a little closer

And there you have it.  It comes on a scroll that opens up and has a thin tweed rope for hanging.   There were two styles, this one (places in NYC) and another one of places in Paris.


  1. I absolutely adore your gorgeous home! And subway art is my obsession too, I will never tire of it.

    Thx so much for following my blog all this time! =) Seeing your comment on the Nest made my day.

  2. Hey Freckles Chick - thank you! Yep, love your blog - I am especially in LOVE with your carrera marble subway tile in your kitchen.


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