Thursday, December 22

Reindeer cupcakes

It's almost Christmas! and I can't wait.  My 3 year old and I have been doing some fun Christmas-y baking and craft things this year.  Here is one that we did yesterday that I wanted to share because I think they turned out so cute and they were so easy to make.  We decided to make these for her Christmas party at school today.  No, I didnt invent them, I saw them first in Pinterest and then did a google search and saw there were many variations. 

Here are my reindeer cupcakes:

You'll need any flavor boxed or homemade cupcakes
any flavor frosting you like
Nilla wafers
Mini Marshmallows
M&M's (I used red and green because we needed red for Rudolph)
Chocolate chips
Mini Pretzels
Black cake icing

and you'll need a little helper too.....
and maybe some craft paper to cover your table to catch
all the mess from your little helper

and you end up with these cute cupcakes!

Here is how we put them together:

  • Bake your cupcakes and let completley cool
  • Spread them with frosting
  • Place a Nilla wafer down towards the edge of the cupcake (not in the middle, place on the edge)
  • Next on the opposite (or top) of the face, stick your knife into the top of the cupcake to make slits to stick your pretzels (the antlers) in.  If you dont do this you will end up smashing the cupcake trying to get the pretzel in
  • Then, take a mini marshmallow (the whites of the eye) and cut it in half and place on the cupcake above the Nilla wafer
  • Then, take a chocolate chip and put a small amount of frosting on the back of it and stick that onto the marshmallow (now you have pupils for the eyes)
  • Now take your M&M and put a little frosting onto the back of that as well and place in the middle of the Nilla wafer
  • Finally, using the black cake icing, draw a happy smile across the bottom of the Nilla wafer
  • That's it! Very easy and very cute :)

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