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Thursday, March 31

Home Office (CT - first house)

Since I work from home (I work in Human Resources) I decided to give my home office a little attention.  This is the wall you see when you enter the room.  I really like how the white matting in each frame makes the picture pop.  I didnt want the usual boring picture arrangement so I hung them staggered for an assymetrical affect....

I DIY'd the zebra hanging.  That's leftover fabric from the office chair that I re-upholstered.  The frame used to be dark brown so I just spray painted it glossy black to match the rest and ta-dah!

What I see when seated at my desk.....on the table is my scrapbooking storage drawer cube (I've done scrapbooks for babygirl) from Target.  Photo boxes from IKEA, round tray from Target, 2 magazine holders from IKEA & a swing arm table lamp from Pier 1 Imports

and here is another corner of my office with the chair I reupholstered (click here for the post)  and my DIY vision board ( I need to tighten the ribbon).  The lamp is from Bombay Company...it used to be brass (I spray painted it black) and I changed the lampshade to the large drum you see it with.  The lampshade is a blueish gray color.  You can a little peek of my chandeleir also...

My desk is no longer set up here, I moved things around - that lamp is no longer on my desk either - its moved to the cabinet.

I found this cute white laquer box at Marshalls

I keep it on my desk to store pens, tape, calculaters, hi-lighters and such...It helps keep my desk less cluttered looking

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